Well, today's been a good news/bad news sort of day for me.

Good News:

  • All of the Nintendo details/new game announcements
  • I got Mario Kart 7 and Fire Emblem from Amazon! I've played a little bit of MK and it's very fun!
  • The Nintendo Best Buy event starts tomorrow!

Bad News:

  • The games Nintendo didn't announce for the Wii U (a new Metroid, F-Zero, Starfox, other new IPs)
  • My PS3 stopped reading any disc I put in. The blue light is on when I put a disc in, but it doesn't show up on the XMB. I tried various ways to fix it, but I've been unsuccessful. I may have to send it to Sony to repair it.
  • At the Best Buy event, there will only be one Wii U available to play. I don't know if there are time limits or if they have multiple controllers set up or what. On the website, it says they will have activities set up for people in line, and they will also have "Luigi Loot".

So, that's how my day's been. If anyone knows of any fixes for my PS3's disc issue, please let me know!!


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