I'm about to get real busy this coming week. I got to do my midterm essay exam for 1 class, edit and finish my charcoal animation for my animation class, and play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus to review it for a game website I'm interning for. The bad part of downloading NGS2+ was that I had to get rid of all my download games to make room for it on my crappy 4 GB card. Before I deleted everything, I made sure to copy all my save data. To be safe, I did it twice: once with Plus's online storage, and to my PS3. Good thing is after all that's over, I'll be seeing Joel McHale's standup show on campus next Thursday night (same time as Community, unfortunately, but I can watch it on Hulu later), and then the next week is spring break! Yeah!

Has anyone played NGS2+ yet? This is pretty much the first Ninja Gaiden game I've encountered, but from what I understand, this is very similar to Sigma 2 on the PS3. Any advice to get through it and not get crazy frustrated?

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