So, my family and I spent the day with my grandmother and uncle on my mom's side. First, we had a great lunch at Cheddar's. Then, we gave Christmas gifts that we weren't able to give on Christmas Day. I got Rayman Origins on the Vita, Lumines Electronic Symphony on the Vita, and two$50 PSN cards! I've done everything on the PS3 version of Rayman, but it's such a fun game, and it will be nice to have it on the go! I'll probably be trying to finish Rayman Jungle Run before that! Lumines will be a great time-wasting game for the Vita! The only other thing I wanted was a bigger Vita memory card. My 4 GB card is close to being full, and I want to play my free Plus Vita games.

My brother got Mario Party 9 for the Wii. I've seen/heard mixed reviews about this one, but we've played all the other MP games, so we'll probably enjoy it for a little bit at least. We didn't play that much of 8.


But the main highlight of the day was playing my uncle's Deluxe Wii U! He bought it so his 6-7 year old nephew could play it when he was at their house. They now have a Wii and a Wii U. My uncle brought Nintendo Land, and NSMB U. Nintendo Land is sooooo fun! My brother and I had some good times with Zelda: Battle Quest, Pikmin Adventure, and Mario Chase. And I played Metroid Blast, Animal Crossing, and Luigi's Ghost Mansion with my uncle. After that, I played some of the solo minigames, and the rest after they left to go shopping. The one I had the hardest time playing was the ninja star game. It didn't always register my swipes, and I usually had to be forceful with it every time. Also, holding the gamepad vertically could be uncomfortable after a while.

NSMB U is also pretty good. I played the first 2 levels with my brother, and the first midpoint boss. It's pretty handy to have the same game on the TV and the gamepad. I didn't try to set the pad up as a TV controller, or get the console hooked up online. It's basically the same game as the other NSMB games, but in HD, and with a flying squirrel powerup, and Boost Rush mode. I definitely want to get my own Wii U at some point, most likely for my birthday in May (it will make a good graduation present!)!

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