11:37 PM

Anyone else annoyed by Paper Mario: Sticker Star? It's a great game, but it's the rare stickers that bug me. I use them in battle for the fun of it, only to find out I need a specific one to open a certain path. For example, I needed the Scissors sticker to cut the rope for the boat in whatever the Harbor area is Read more

5:02 PM

I am super pumped for tonight! I'm officially on spring break right now, and I'm going to see Joel McHale's standup show! Should be a good time! One mild complaint is that I'm missing a lot of other stuff by going to this show: UofKy basketball, American Idol, Big Bang Theory, and Community, oddly enough.

10:35 PM

Anyone watching the Community Paleyfest panel livestream? It hasn't started just yet. If you miss it, it will be on Hulu starting tomorrow. Read more

11:45 PM

I'm about to get real busy this coming week. I got to do my midterm essay exam for 1 class, edit and finish my charcoal animation for my animation class, and play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus to review it for a game website I'm interning for. The bad part of downloading NGS2+ was that I had to get rid of all my download Read more

11:49 PM

I was planning on going to Best Buy tomorrow and pick up my copy of Paper Mario Sticker Star, but I may be getting something else there! Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time hasn't even been out for 2 weeks yet, and they are already cutting $10 off the price, making it $30! And for those of you that can't wait any longer for Read more

10:09 PM

So, I've played a little bit of Jet Set Radio (known as Jet Grind Radio on the Dreamcast), and I have to say this: the tutorial is one of the most frustrating things I have ever played! They really should have separated it into 2 tutorials: one for the basic moves, and the other for advanced stuff like tricks and "Do Read more

8:54 PM

I just happened to find The Last Airbender movie on Nick, and from what I've seen so far...it's pretty terrible. The action scenes and special effects are pretty good, but everything else? UGH!! My 2 biggest issues with this movie are casting and the way the characters pronounce Aang's name. First of all, Dev Patel Read more

7:21 PM

Anyone else surprised about the lack of marketing for Ni No Kuni? Of course, informed players like us have known about it for a while, but other people that might want to play it have no clue that it's coming out. I haven't seen any commercials, and it's not even in retail ads in the paper, at least where I am. It may Read more

8:33 PM

For those that saw last night's new Archer, what did you think of it? Spoilers in the reply.

12:24 AM

My last semester of college starts on Wednesday. I only have 1 class on Mondays and Wednesdays (2D Animation), and 1 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays (Internet and Social Change). And nothing on Fridays! But the one thing I'm really excited about this semester is my internship! I'll be writing game reviews and news for Read more

10:40 PM

I'm kicking myself for missing these iOS games when they were on sale, but I have just enough money for one of them. So which game should I get: Bastion or Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP? I'll probably use the iPad for either case because of the big file sizes and I don't want to bog down my iPhone. I also prefer Read more

9:30 AM

I finished Ghost Trick last night, and it was good! The last part had more dialogue-advancing clicks than I would've liked, but I still enjoyed it. I had to go on Youtube for 1 or 2 parts I got stuck on. It looks very good on the iPad!

7:09 PM

So, my family and I spent the day with my grandmother and uncle on my mom's side. First, we had a great lunch at Cheddar's. Then, we gave Christmas gifts that we weren't able to give on Christmas Day. I got Rayman Origins on the Vita, Lumines Electronic Symphony on the Vita, and two$50 PSN cards! I've done everything Read more

11:30 PM

I got Rayman Jungle Run as well as a new case for my iPhone today, and holy crap, that game is awesome! It's so hard for me to put it down! And even harder for me to not keep perfecting a level to get every last Lum! Well worth the $3!

6:19 PM

So I got an iPhone 4S for Christmas! I didn't take it with me to work today because I don't have a case for it yet. What cases do you guys recommend?

10:27 PM

Best part of my day? Finishing this semester! I don't know all my final grades yet, but I'm sure I got through most of my classes. In one class, I bombed my midterm test, and got a D for the midpoint of the class. Sad part of that was it was a take-home test; I just didn't give enough effort to it. I gave a lot more Read more

3:09 PM

I've been pretty pissed at Steam lately, but more pissed at my ancient laptop and myself for buying cheap games. I've tried to play Cave Story + and Super Hexagon (I bought the latter just a few minutes ago), and I can't get either of them to run. For Cave Story +, all I get is a black screen, and I have to Read more

1:16 PM

So....I played through the last episode of The Walking Dead this morning. Talk about gut-wrenching! Spoilers in the reply.

6:53 PM

Today has been a pretty good day. I didn't have any classes, I voted, I played a bit of Rayman Legends on the Wii U at Best Buy, and I saw Wreck-it-Ralph! Not a bad day! I was playing co-op with some guy for most of my time; I had the Wiimote and Nunchuk, and he had the Gamepad. We played through the 2 levels in the Read more

12:26 AM

So, since last week, a lot has happened. Last Tuesday, while I was fighting through some heavy rain that was no doubt due to Sandy, I went to an interview/Q&A with Robert Kirkman at my college (University of KY). He was great! Some highlights from Mr. Kirkman: Marcus from the Walking Dead comics may or may not appear Read more